• Cracked Log Lamp
  • Vintage garden markers and Sprout Pencils
  • Upcycled beer glass tumbler

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5 DIY Projects
July 03, 2015
Get crafty and inspired by these DIY projects we've found.
Innovative coffee cups made from grounds and biscuits
June 26, 2015
What better way to reuse the countless measures of used coffee grounds than to recycle and recreate? Berlin industrial designer Julian Lechner conceived a process of blending the...
Designer profile: stamps are the new bling
June 19, 2015

Earrings made from vintage postage stampsWhile true philatelists may be a dying breed, we've found someone who is reviving the art of philately in a most unique and inventive way: Helen makes jewellery from postage stamps from around the world.

Ready your weapons to create some winter warmers
June 05, 2015
I'm not too sure on the practicality of this creation, getting on or off your high horse seems damn neigh impossible. But personally I support anything that maximises the death stare...
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