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The morning cuppa inspires artwork on the soggy teabag
November 20, 2015
Philippino born Ruby Silvious is a graphic designer and a big fan of the humble cup of tea. Her mission to create a year long portfolio relating to her daily cuppa has produced extraordinary results.
Rashies recycled into turtle swimsuits aid research
October 16, 2015
Am I the only one who thinks turtles are possibly the cutest creatures on earth? As a confrontation avoider, I'm envious of their ability to disappear into the comforts of their shell...
Bin the photoshop, nature needs no enhancement
October 02, 2015
I'm freshly back from a holiday on Fraser Island where apart from the incongruence of vegetation thriving in a landscape of sand, I was struck by the simple and refreshing palette of nature.
What to do with limp vegetables and autumn leaves
September 11, 2015
Sarah Illenberger is a Berlin-based artist who merges significant talent in photography, graphic design and art to produce tantalising artworks. Some of them are good enough to eat.
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