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Eliminate the dag and sport vintage with swag
November 21, 2014

As unlikely as it seems, macramé is de rigueur so get braiding if you want to get ahead. I for one, celebrate the resurgence of this highly skilful craft.

Bacon out of the box with some original lovin'
November 14, 2014

Christmas is definitely not the time to be going around breaking people's hearts. Without sounding corny - despite some already very corny mugs ...

Is a reindeer jumper an acceptable Christmas present?
November 07, 2014
Thank goodness I've reached an age where clothing (particularly handmade by Great Auntie Jean) is no longer a possible gift given she is fossilised...
Gift ideas for the budding botanist
October 31, 2014
Who'd have thought to put flowers in an umbrella and hang them on a door? But don't you agree, it's a pretty nifty idea and would make a fabulous gift?
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