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Fashionistas and famous artists grace tootsies
August 09, 2016
It began when two friends Humberto and Gil had a "Who'd Have Thought" moment when considering a world in which socks could talk. Being playful types they established a company called ChattyFeet and kickstarted some fun...
Garden designer Isabel Bannerman's incredible eye
June 30, 2016
We've fallen for Isabel Bannerman's incredible talent, not only as a garden designer but as a documenter of the wonders of nature. Since establishing a company in 1983 with husband Julian, the pair have implemented planting...
Hanging with the Troglodytes in Matera, Italy
June 17, 2016
If you've ever fantasised about living in a cave or researching the life of a Troglodyte, then Matera in Basilicata, Italy is a must-see destination. Crowned a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993, dwellings date back to the Paleolithic era.   
Ten ingenious ways to recycle a tea set
June 04, 2016
When surfing the net for some clever upcycled products to add to our online store, I came across a couple of suggestions from Intimate Weddings involving vintage tea cups and saucers...
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