Designer Update: Our Bicycle Upcyclers

May 28, 2015

Em and Ivan of Tread and Pedals

Em and Ivan, a couple in life and in business turned their passion for cycling and bicycles into a fully fledged enterprise two years ago and haven't stopped since. Last year I did an interview with them for the blog (you can read it here) where I learnt what makes them tick and, recently, I caught up with them to find out their latest news.

Bicycle wheel clock

Tell is what's been happening in the past year or so since I last interviewed you?

Ivan and I have been busily tinkering in the studio and workshop making products the last year or so. When not up to our elbows in bike parts we’ve headed interstate for some fabulous design markets - The Bowerbird Design Market in Adelaide, Handmade Market in Canberra and Finders Keepers Sydney. We’ve taken the time to refined our range a little, marketed in Melbourne and recently made time for a holiday to Tasmania where we spent a month touring round in my folks bright orange VW Kombi.

Do you still find you have an unlimited supply of bicycle wheels and parts? Where do you go to source most of them?

We’re really lucky to have some of the best bike stores in Melbourne who save us their old parts. The supply is definitely not unlimited but at this point in time we’ve plenty to keep up with demand.

Bicycle clock with upcycled fabric in black

Are you planning on making any other pieces from bicycles?

A design we’ve been madly tinkering away at and refining over the last year or so is our bicycle desk lamp and lights, we’ve dreams of selling a range of one-off lamps, lamp shades and light fittings in the near future ... Watch this space.

Bicycle cog clock in yellow

Upcycling and sustainability are clearly important to you. Tell us how you ensure you follow these principles in your work, work practices and home life? 

We try wherever possible at work and home to minimise our footprint by  doing simple things like using eco-friendly products to clean the bike parts rather than harsh chemical de-greasers, switching off lights, having a vegetable garden, composting, shopping at op-shops, supporting local small businesses, recycling and upcycling at home.

We much prefer the character of a beautifully restored or upcycled piece of furniture over a mass-produced flat-packed piece, which is reflected in our home with our mismatched furnishings. I love hard rubbish and, much to Ivan’s dismay, will often come home with a new chair or two with dreams of finding time to strip it down, give it a fresh coat of paint and new lease on life.

Our only weaknesses are shiny new bikes and travel, but we try our darnedest to offset these.

Em and Ivan of Tread and Pedals

Thanks Em and Ivan!

You can find their clocks in store here.

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