Upcycle by the seat of your pants, or should we say jeans?

July 17, 2015

Did Levi Strauss ever imagine quite how enduring and popular his denim jeans would prove to be? 
142 years after he collaborated with tailor Jacob Davis to revolutionise the use of cotton corduroy cloth, previously used for making wagon covers, tents and horse blankets, the revolution has now gone full circle. Denim can be used for just about anything. And how we love a bit of stylish upcycling.
1. A new way to sit in denim. Tired, faded jeans gives an old chair a surprising face lift (or should that be bottom lift?).
2. Change in style. Fitting room curtains funked up from pre-loved denim, the name of which comes from the French 'serge de Nîmes', serge being a twill fabric from Nimes, a town in Southern France.
3. DIY your own stylish ottoman made from sections of denim
4. Blue jeans and necklaces: Not an obvious match but this one hits the mark
5. Cushions with an industrial edge from the WHT store
How do you like your denim cut?
1. & 2. by Who'd Have Thought as found in a clothing store in Barcelona; 3. & 4. via Popsugar; 5. Upcycled Denim Cushions at Who'd Have Thought

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