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Welcome to the Australasian offshoot of Sprout Pencils

We are the sole Australasian distributors of the world's first plantable pencil, Sprout.
You can buy Sprout Pencils online here. 
For wholesale Sprout Pencil enquiries from Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific region, email us at enquiries@whodhavethought.com.
If you are are based anywhere other than Australasia, contact Sprout World at info@sproutworld.com.

Sprout Pencils

What is Sprout?

Sprout is a sustainably harvested cedar pencil with water-activated seeds in its tip. It is made from 100 per cent natural materials and is non-toxic. The writing material is graphite and clay so the pencils are lead-free. The body is made from FSC/PEFC certified wood so when one tree is used another is planted. When it’s too short to use, plant it, water it and watch it grow into either a herb or flower. 

Sprout pencils are handmade as it is still the most efficient way to produce them. No robot can attach the capsule and pencil faster or better than human hands.


Sprout is the perfect green innovation for any retail store or for corporate gifting. Sprout can be purchased in bulk, individually, or in packs of three or eight. To see our range of Sprout please visit the Sprout Pencil collection on the store.


Sprout Pencils

Custom Favours & Corporate Gifting

Want to stand out from the crowd? Sprout can be custom etched with a name, logo or message. It is an affordable and unique gift that will sow the seeds for lasting friendships and relationships. Custom pencils can be purchased individually or packed in trio boxes. Plus we can customise the optional single Sprout pencil bookmark cards. Email us for a quote at enquiries@whodhavethought.com.

Sprout custom-branded pencils


Sprout comes in 8 different colours matched with 8 different varieties: Forget-me-not (blue), Calendula (yellow), Marigold (orange), Basil (green), Coriander (brown), Thyme (pink), Mint (purple), Rosemary (pale blue). They are available to purchase individually in bulk or in packs of 8.

Sprout Pencils and a Mint Mojito

Planting Sprout

Planting Sprout is easy. Push the end of the pencil into soil, making sure it is on an angle so the plant can grow straight up. Water it and place it in the sun. After 1-2 days remove the stub to optimise sprouting conditions for the seeds. Once the seeds germinate, look after it as you would any other plant with plenty of water, sun, fertilizer and love. 

In two to three weeks your plant should Sprout and a few weeks later, it should be flourishing. We have done our best to ensure each and every Sprout will grow but we can’t guarantee it.

Fun Facts

  1. Don’t chew the end of your Sprout pencil or you will activate germination
  2. Basil is the fastest germinating Sprout
  3. Sprout has its own plant expert responsible for research and development
  4. Sprout was invented by three Boston design graduates who were tasked with the creation of sustainable stationery
  5. More than 3000 bloggers around the world have written about Sprout.

Price Lists & Ordering

If you are based in Australasia and would like our wholesale price lists or to place an order, email us at enquiries@whodhavethought.com.

Happy Sprouters

'Forests are the lungs of our world. Your pencil idea is wonderful.' Colin Hugh Abbott

'What a great learning experience.' Robin Valentyn

'They're wonderful. They smell divine and look great. Thank you, it has been great working with you.' Jo-Anne Seater, Lightfoot Eco Store, on her custom-etched Sprout pencils.

Who'd Have Thought has a permit to import Sprout Pencils from the Australian Department of Agriculture, IP15014500.