Carry Bag made from Plastic Bags | Red

A hard-wearing, waterproof colourful carry bag handmade from more than a hundred plastic bags reclaimed from the streets of Cambodia. It's the perfect bag for any outing - from shopping to going to the beach.  

Every plastic bag saved from becoming rubbish is carefully washed and dried, sorted into colourways, then guillotined into strips to make usable 'yarn' that is crocheted to make the carry bags.

When enterprising self-confessed 'high-fliers, Brit Debbie Watkins and Dutch Marc Lansu decided to give a little back by volunteering overseas for a year little did they know they would end up ditching their old jobs to transform Cambodia's exploding plastic bag population by launching an upcycled homewares and accessories business. Read more about their inspiring social enterprise story and how they have saved more than 200,000 plastic bags over at our blog.

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