Cracked Log Stump Stool/Table/Light

* Please note: there is currently a lead time of about 1-2 weeks on this product*

Tasmanian designer Duncan Meerding has taken his award-winning Cracked Log Lamp design one step further by turning it into a multi-functional stool-cum-table that is weather resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

The Cracked Log Stump is made from salvaged timber and fitted with a warm white LED light that emits shafts of light through the cracks in the timber. It was the winner of Best Sustainable Design at The Edge 2014 and gained second place at the international lighting competition Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) in 2014.

'The Cracked Log Stump is directly inspired by the natural environment,' says Duncan. 'The warm yellow light represents the fiery fate the timber would have otherwise have been exposed to.'

Find out more about Duncan's work and love of wood over at the blog.

Other Information:

  • The Cracked Log Stump is ready to be wired to 12 Volt DC power supplies, inside or out.
  • It comes with a driver with an Australian plug for indoor use only.
  • It has a keyhole bracket for optionally fixing each Stump to the ground.
  • Dimensions are approximately 400 mm high x 250-300 mm wide. Object size varies due to the nature of material.

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