Handmade Soy Vintage Glass Candle: Retro Flamingo | Coconut and Lime

Sway to the flamingo fandango with retro-inspired glassware that screams Carmen Miranda festooned with lime and coconuts. Once burnt out, the glass can be either refilled or upcycled into a picnic accessory. 

Wixen candles from Who'd Have Thought design duo Jane and Meryl feature unique vintage glassware and eco-friendly soy wax. Hand-picked and hand-poured, each piece of glass is either a limited edition or a one-off. 

Hoodwink your senses into thinking they're in the Pacific Islands suspended from a beachside hammock. The soy wax is 100% pure and contains no paraffin or unnatural additives.

Dimensions: 11 cm high, 6 cm in diameter. Only five available.






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