Paper Crane: Hope in a Box

We love a good story and this delightful, carefully crafted origami crane set in a glass bauble delivers this in reams. 

Hope in a Box comes from a Japanese tradition that honours a young girl, Sadako, who died from the atomic effects of World War Two. While in hospital, her determination and spirit revived an ancient legend that promised a wish to anyone who folded a thousand paper cranes. Sadako's wish was for good luck, a long life, peace and recovery.

Although she wasn't to recover, Sadako's paper cranes became a symbol for peace. Each year visitors hang their own origami paper cranes at the Children's Peace Monument in Japan in memory of Sadako and as a symbol of their desire for peace.

The crane is handmade with specialty paper sourced from around the world. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns below.

Why not give your loved one a gift of hope and peace?

Creators Carolyn and William love the ancient art of origami and the wonders of storytelling. 'We believe everyone has a story to tell and that designing products inspired by these stories is a beautiful way for the world to connect to each other,' says Carolyn. Read their story over at the blog.