Sailcloth iPad Cover

Set sail with your iPad in a cover handmade in Australia from sails that have outlived their seafaring days. Designed to combat wind, water and sunlight, sailcloth is an underutilised and versatile recyclable material.

Featuring leather sourced from a fifth-generation Sydney-based tannery, the cover has an outer pocket for documents, folders and charger, and the inside is lined with neoprene for extra protection.

Giving new life to sails that are no longer sea-worthy significantly helps reduce the dumping into landfill of PET material. Designer Gabriele Jordan proudly supports the Australian Marine Conservation Society in its bid to protect fragile environments from danger. Read her story over on the blog.

Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm. Note: as each cover is unique the stitching may differ from the image shown.

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