Sprout Pencils | Coloured 8-Pack

Who'd have thought a pencil could turn into a plant? 

Sprout, the original plantable pencil, is made from sustainably harvested FSC certified wood, and has water-activated seeds at its tip. When one tree is used another is planted. Sprouts are non-toxic, lead-free and 100 per cent natural. The writing material is made from graphite and clay. Coloured Sprout contain vegetable dye and natural colouring. 

Each plant has its own colour: Mint (purple), Thyme (pink), Basil (green), Rosemary (blue), Marigold (orange), Coriander (brown), Calendula (yellow), Forget me not (dark blue).

Once you've finished using Sprout, you can plant it, water it and watch it grow! It is an eco-friendly way to turn ordinary writing into an extraordinary experience.

When three Boston design graduates decided to create a high quality sustainable product, they asked themselves: What if pencils could grow? They then asked: Would anyone care if they did? It turns out plenty did and Sprout was born. Read more about their story over at the blog.

Sprout pencils can also be purchased wholesale and can be custom branded. For more information email us at enquiries@whodhavethought.com.



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